Enjoy our authentic freshly made specialty dishes.

Black Beans Jollof Burrito

A tasty and nutritious combination that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Very Vegan Friendly


A colorful dish of rice and cooked beans served with tomato basil stew and hot black chili sauce (shito) with a side of  meat, egg or fish. It can be topped with gari (cassava flakes)

This meal is vegan friendly.

Yendidi Wings and Yam Chips

Finger-licking good yendidi wings infused with natural flavors from herbs and spices served with yam chips

Coconut Rice and Stew

Rice cooked in coconut oil and milk served with tomato basil stew.


Fried Rice

Our Ghana style fried rice is packed with veggies, eggs and flavors.


Jollof Rice

A very rich rice dish infused in a flavorful rosemary and herbs sauce seasoned to perfection.


Yellow Rice and Stew

A delicious bowl of rice infused with natural herbs and veggies served with your tomato basil stew.